SAKI土耳其咖啡機 SAKI Turkish Coffee Making Machine



SAKI Turkish Coffee Making Machine

傳統上,土耳其咖啡要在火的餘燼上或在一盆熱沙中煮三遍。咖啡的味道和質地取決於這種工藝的微妙之處。 這款咖啡機能夠沖煮風味的土耳其咖啡。餘火温煮功能和傳感器使機器可以雙倍沖泡咖啡,製作出泡沫豐富的土耳其咖啡。

Traditionally, Turkish coffee is brought to a boil three times on the stove, over the embers of a fire, or resting in a basin of hot sand. The coffee’s taste and texture depend on the subtlety of this craft. Saki Turkish coffee maker that can reproduce that authentic foamy flavor. Its ember brewing function and special cooking sensors allow the machine to double brew the coffee to build up a foamy, flavorful, aromatic cup every time.


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