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英文COFFEE一字源自阿拉伯文قهوة(音:Qahwa) 其實最早發現和發展咖啡的民族是阿拉伯人, 最初藥用, 及後普及化用來宴客聚會! 15-16世紀,阿拉伯人已在也門種植咖啡,當時他們種的咖啡豆有朱古力香, 而咖啡豆又經也門的MOCHA港口出口, 慢慢人們便稱呼朱古力咖啡為MOCHA了! 咖啡在中東不僅是飲料, 還富含傳統文化, 就好像中國人飲茶一樣! 土耳其咖啡就被聯合國教科文組織列入「人類非物質文化遺產」! 店主把正宗的阿拉伯咖啡帶來香港, 大家還可配搭其他中東甜品, 感受中東咖啡文化!

The English word COFFEE comes from Arabic قهوة (sound: Qahwa). In fact, the earliest people who discovered and developed coffee were Arabs. It was first used as a medicinal product and later popularized for hospitality and gatherings! In the 15th-16th centuries, coffee beans were planted in Yeman, at that time, the coffee beans they planted had the aroma of chocolate, and the coffee beans were exported through the MOCHA port in Yemen. People gradually called chocolate coffee “MOCHA”! Coffee in the Middle East is not only a drink, but also rich in traditional culture, just like Chinese tea! Turkish coffee is listed as the “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO! The owner brings authentic Arabic coffee to Hong Kong. You can also taste the Middle East treats with coffee to experience the authentic Arabic coffee culture!

Numbers Speak For Turkish Coffee

300 +
years of history

Turkish coffee is often served with a small sweet morsel such as a piece of Turkish delight, dates and a glass on water on the side. Sip the water to cleanse your palate while waiting for the coffee to cool slightly and the grounds to settle to the bottom of the cup.

Middle East people used to serve their guests Turkish coffee with Turkish delights as a way of asking for their satisfaction. If the guest eats the Turkish delights after drinking the coffee, it means he is pleased with the way he is hosted. And if he doesn’t it means he is not satisfied with the way he is hosted.

Coffee with Turkish delights

Halal is an Arabic word that means lawful or permitted, it generally refers to what's allowed under Islamic law.

伊斯蘭教對食物有明確的規定,合乎教法規定的食物,我們稱為合法 ( HALAL ) 食品。

We Deal With Various Quality Halal Products!

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